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Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Make Up Tips

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional makeup artist, you’d face some trouble when applying makeup on your eyes. There is nothing wrong with learning the important eye makeup tips that can add a unique look to your personality. We know that eye makeup can be the most intimidating task for many women. Therefore, we’ve designed this eye makeup guide to provide a clear direction to the beginners and professionals.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of eye makeup tips that can make you the center of attention at every event.


Eyeliner Tips for Beginners and Professionals


Eyeliner is one of the most important elements of eye makeup. The best thing about eyeliner is that it enables you to fill in the sparse looking lashes while giving you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes. Your personal preferences and the texture of the eyeliner play an essential role in adding a unique look to your personality.


Understand Three Basic Types of Eyeliner


There are basically three different types of eyeliner known as pencil, gel, and liquid. The gel eyeliner is the perfect option for those who tend to do a lot of cat eyes. However, the beginners may find it difficult to apply the gel eyeliner. The thicker formula and precise brush of the gel eyeliner allow you to make a clean and precise line quickly. The annoying thing about gel eyeliner is that it tends to dry out. Furthermore, you can become a victim of eye infections if you didn’t clean the brush regularly.


Liquid eyeliner is the ideal option for those who like to wear a delicate and precise look. The liquid eyeliner allows you to make a really thin and subtle lines in a perfect manner. The interesting thing about liquid eyeliner is that it’s available in a wide range of colors and finishes. The only problem with these eyeliners is that they can make the precise application more difficult due to liquid consistency.

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

You can easily achieve the perfect smoky eye look with the help of Pencil eyeliner. The pencil eyeliner is the perfect option for everyday use. The great thing about pencil eyeliner is that it doesn’t cause any trouble when you are getting it onto the waterline. However, you need to sharpen the pencils regularly otherwise, you won’t be able to wear great eye makeup.


How to Apply Eyeliner?


When it comes to applying the eyeliner, you need to make sure that your eyelids are clean and you should start by applying the primer on your eyelids. The eyeliner needs to be applied close to the lash line so it may look denser. Thus, it will look like a part of the natural lash line. The best way of applying the eyeliner is to start by making a dotted line. You can connect the dots once the line is drawn properly.


You can only get the perfect shape if you are using thinner but blunt eyeliner. You can make the eyeliner thinner by sharpening it properly. We recommend freezing the eyeliner before sharpening so it may not crumble. You need to use the liquid liner if you want to get that perfect winged eyeliner. The beginners may find it difficult to apply the liquid liner. Therefore, they should draw a line with a pencil liner before applying the liquid liner.


The pencil eyeliners are softer and creamier. So, they can help in wearing a perfect smoky eye look. We recommend going for the subtle colors as you grow old. Thus, you’d be able to wear a more elegant look. You can also add a natural look to your eyes by applying mascara.


Mascara Tips – Eye Makeup for Beginners


We must say the mascara is the basic need of every woman ever as it can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. The reason why women often use mascara for eye makeup is that it can add thickness and length to your eyelashes while darkening them. When it comes to choosing the mascara, you may find yourself into great trouble as there are plenty of options available in the cosmetic industry.

And it’s not just about choosing the mascara but you should also learn the right way of applying it. In this eye makeup guide, we are going to define a simple and easy way of choosing and applying mascara. So, let’s get started.


Tips for Choosing Mascara


The thick wands can be helpful in building the fullness and they can make your eyes look bigger. And if you are focused on extending the length of your lashes, the super-thin wands can be the ideal option for you. These wands can be used to apply a perfect coating from root to top. The curved wands can be the perfect option for those who cannot apply the mascara appropriately. The curved wands ensure the coverage of all the lashes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Tapered wands have a thinner tip while the base of these wands has lots of volumes. It means you can now easily apply the product to your lower lashes while getting right into the lash line. If we talk about spherical wands, we must say that they can provide a defined finish to your lashes. The most common type of mascara brush used is the hourglass wand. The best thing about the hourglass wand is that it allows you to apply the mascara in a uniformed way. The hourglass wands are recommended for those who like to apply multiple coats.


The trend of wearing waterproof mascara is getting very common these days. But the waterproof mascara should only be used for special events. Yes, the black mascara is common among most of the women. But there is nothing wrong with wearing brown mascara if you have blonde or lighter-colored lashes. Similarly, the blue mascara is recommended for women over 40. Thus, you’d be able to wear a natural and realistic look.


The most important thing about using mascara is that you should never share it with others as it can lead you to several infections.


How to Apply Mascara?


When it comes to applying Mascara, you should start from the roots of your lashes. You can easily volumize your lashes by practicing it several times. Applying the second coat right after the first one can cause some trouble. Therefore, you should wait for about ten seconds before applying the second coat. Use a tissue to remove the excess mascara from the wand. Thus, the wand won’t clump and it will maneuver easily.


We also recommend using a high-quality eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying the mascara. If you hold the wand vertically, you’d be able to wear a natural look. And if you want to make your lashes thicker, you should hold the mascara horizontally. The mascara should be the last step of eye makeup as it helps in producing excellent results.


Eyebrow Tips for Beginners

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Are you one of those who don’t pay enough attention to the eyebrows? Well, Eyebrows are often underrated while they can add a staggering look to your personality. We bet that the well-groomed eyebrows can bring your eye makeup to the next level. The thickness and style of the eyebrows need to be changed based on the makeup look you’re going to wear for a particular event.


You need to be very careful about filling in the gaps in your eyebrows. And you can only make it happen if you’ve purchased a suitable brow product from the market. The more dramatic look of eyebrows may make you look unrealistic. Therefore, you should try to keep your eyebrows as natural as possible. The shape of the eyebrows can be defined by using a subtle highlighter right beneath the eyebrow.


You can also use a gel to improve the overall shape of your eyebrows. An angled stiff brush can be the perfect option for those who want to wear a bolder look.


Eye shadow Tips for Beginners


The beginners may often find it difficult to choose the right eye shadow. There are numerous factors that may help in choosing the right eye shadow such as the color of your eyes, your outfit, and your skin tone. Those who have brown eyes can go for the green, champagne, bronze, copper, and pink shades. However, they shouldn’t forget to consider their skin tone while choosing the eye shadow.

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Professionals

The green eyes are usually common in fairer women. And their hair color can be black, brown, and even blonde. These women should go for plum, blue, green, and earth tones. And if you have darker skin, you should go for warmer tones like gold and copper. The blue, green, purple, and rose colors can be perfect for women who have blue eyes. You might also look perfect if you consider wearing gray and slate eye shadow with blue eyes.


Hazel eyes are usually very attractive and they can easily grab anyone’s attention. Hazel eyes can be grayer, more brown, or greener. You should determine the color of the eye shadow based on the dominant color of your eyes. For instance, the warmer eye shadow colors will be perfect for women who have brown-hazel eyes while the cooler eye shadow shades will look perfect on those who have green-hazel eyes.


The green and gold color can be the ideal option for those who have a warm skin tone and dark eyes. However, if you have green or blue eyes with a warm skin tone, you should go for the rose or plum shades. Those who have cool skin tone must opt for forest green shades. You can also use the lavender and cool purple shade to bring a unique look to your personality.


How to Remove Eye Makeup?


Removing Eye makeup can be a bit tricky. But there are several products that can make it easier enough for you. You should never use the face wash to remove the eye makeup because the face wash can cause massive damage to your eyes. So, let’s take a look at how to remove eye makeup.


Use the eye makeup remover

A high-quality makeup remover is an ideal option for removing eye makeup. There are several other options you can use in this regard such as using baby shampoo or coconut oil. When it comes to applying eye makeup remover, you should bring the wet wipes with you as it helps in removing the makeup gently. The best thing about eye makeup remover is that it doesn’t let you apply more pressure on the eyes.


And it allows you to remove the makeup gently. In case you don’t have the eye makeup remover with you, you can use the coconut oil to remove the makeup. The coconut oil needs to be applied to the eyes for a while. Then, you can use a cotton pad to remove all the traces of oil. You can also consider using almond oil, olive oil, and even petroleum jelly if you don’t have coconut oil. Once the makeup is removed properly, you need to use a cleanser to wash your face.




The eyes are the most important part of our face. And they can improve or ruin your overall look. You can gently apply makeup on your eyes to add a unique look to your personality. We’ve added the unique eye makeup tips in this article that will help in wearing a perfect look. We hope that you’d now be able to become the center of every party’s attention. However, if you need more information on this topic, you can leave us a comment below.

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