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Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

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Hair Care Tips After Getting Drenched In Rain

The Monsoon season is right around the corner. During this season, many people like to have fun in the heavy rain. But sometimes, we’re drenched in rain when getting back from office. The rainwater is different from the water we use in our daily routine. And it can reduce the strength of your hair if you didn’t take the essential steps after getting drenched in the rain.

Usually, people take a shower believing that it will protect their hair from the harmful effects of rainwater. But there are other important steps you should be concerned about if you’ve got drenched in rain. Here are the hair care tips you must follow after getting drenched in rain.


Without any doubt, cleansing is an important part of keeping your hair healthy and strong after getting drenched in the rain. Moreover, it will make your hair tangle-free. When you’re taking a shower after getting back home, you must use a clarifying shampoo to remove the atmosphere pollutants. You can also use the neem leaves in the lukewarm water to remove the traces of dirt as neem comes with the anti-bacterial properties.


During the Monsoon season, the hair often get frizzy due to the humidity. So, you must keep your hair well-conditioned during the monsoon. And when you get back home after getting drenched in rain, it’s mandatory to use a hair conditioner. The silicone conditioners aren’t a suitable option for ladies that have naturally curly hair. So, they must stay away from these conditioners. However, they can use the anti-humectant hair conditioner to protect their hair.

Hair Drying

The growth of bacteria ultimately increases during the Monsoons and it may lead to several scalp infections. Therefore, you must use a towel to dry the hair gently. You can blow dry your hair if you don’t have enough time. But if you have enough time, you must let your hair dry naturally. You can also minimize the damage to the hair by using a heat-protective spray.

Hair Cut

During the Monsoon season, you must get a haircut on time. Thus, you’d be able to eliminate the chances of split ends. As a result, your hair will look healthy and fresh all the time. We recommend a shorter cut for those who travel a lot during the rainy months.

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