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How to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair?

How to fix Dry and Damaged Hair

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How to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair?

How to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair?

How to fix Dry and Damaged Hair

The dry and damaged hair are the worst nightmare for every person ever. The outer layer of the hair is called Cuticle. And our hair start getting damaged when this layer gets damaged. The pollution, heat, sun and the use of chemicals are the common problems that lead us to hair damage. And we often get disappointed when our hair start getting dry, lifeless, and brittle.


Fortunately, there are some useful methods that can bring your hair back to life. We are going to discuss some of the methods in this article. So, let’s get started.


Causes of Hair Damage




The use of bleach usually leads to dry and damaged hair because it reduces the strength of the layer that is supposed to seal the moisture. The situation gets a lot worse when you apply the heat while bleaching your hair.


Hair Coloring

How to fix Dry and Damaged Hair

The use of hair colors is getting very common. And the people are using dyes without even knowing how harmful they can be for the hair. The studies show that permanent dyes can cause severe damage to your hair. Yes, you can use temporary dyes to wear a new look. But try to avoid the consistent use of dyes as long as possible.


Chemical Treatments


Many people are now using perms and relaxers to wear a different look. You need to understand that the use of chemicals is very common in these treatments. And these treatments can be extremely harmful to your hair. Both treatments can be a cause of dry and brittle hair.


How to fix Dry and Damaged Hair?


Identify Early and Repair Damaged

How to fix Dry and Damaged Hair

A number of elements like Rough Texture, Split Ends, Lack of Elasticity, and Lack of Moisture indicate the hair damage. If you experience any of these problems, you should take immediate steps to repair the damage. You can bring your back to life if you start taking care of them at the right time.


Trim Damaged Hair Ends


Sometimes, you can get rid of the damage by trimming the damaged hair ends. So, before you think of restoring your hair, you should consider trimming them if your hair ends have a straw-like texture.


Avoid Hot Styling Tools


We recommend getting rid of hot styling tools as soon as you notice the damage. The heat can cause further damage to your already damaged cuticles. So, it will play an essential role in recovering your hair.


Start using oils

The use of oils can also help in keeping your hair healthy and nourished. We recommend using natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. The oil nourishes the hair shaft while creating a protective barrier around the cuticle. The castor oil can be used to fill the damaged keratin spots because it comes with high protein content.

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