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How to Prevent Dandruff in Winter?

How to prevent Dandruff in Winter

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How to Prevent Dandruff in Winter?

How to Prevent Dandruff in Winter?

Are you tired of those white flakes on your shoulder during the winter season?


There are many products in the market that claim to be the best for preventing dandruff in winter. But these products cannot produce any positive results unless you make some changes to your lifestyle. In this article, we’ll talk about the methods you can use to prevent dandruff in winter.


No hair styling products during winter

No matter how crazy you are about using the hair styling products, you should avoid using these products at any cost. The chemicals used in these products can easily damage your hair and scalp during winter because the hair is already deprived of moisture and the scalp are already dry. So, if you used these products during winter, it will promote the growth of dandruff.


Avoid Washing Hair too many times

How to prevent Dandruff in Winter

Your scalp starts getting dry when you wash your hair multiple times during winter. And it can gradually lead to dandruff. Another important thing about washing hair during winter is that you should avoid the use of warm water as far as you can. Yes, we know that you can’t wash hair with cold water but the hot water can also be damaging for your hair. Therefore, you should consider using the lukewarm water as it can keep the dandruff at bay.


Start using oils


Make sure that you develop the habit of applying warm olive oil or coconut oil every day. These oils can make your hair nourished and healthy. They will not only prevent dandruff but they will also improve the strength of your hair over time. Therefore, you should make them an essential part of your life, especially during the winter.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is also very important for protecting your hair from dandruff during winter. This oil is now available in different hair care products like shampoos and conditions. It has the ability to restore the moisture of your scalp. We recommend using tea tree oil twice a week. We bet that you’d start experiencing significant results within a week or two.


Improve your diet


This may sound strange but your diet also leaves a significant impact on your hair. If you want to maintain the health of your scalp, you should start using Vitamin B and Zinc in your diet. Similarly, you should start using eggs, walnuts, and leafy vegetables as they have a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

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